Carapatons’ Project


A desire to travel, a child, and many questions…

Our project is based upon our desire to travel, to leave our daily life in order to discover the world and its people. Thanks to our experiences abroad, we realized how multi-cultural exchanges are a source of mutual enrichment.

Now that we are parents of a little Martin, we want to maintain this open minded spirit to discover the world of childhood and their ways of communicating.

Since he is born, we are particularly interested in different ways that would enable him to grow: wrap baby-wearing, freedom of movement, Steiner and Montessori’s pedagogy. Considering the baby as a whole, letting him develop himself by avoiding any anticipation. Supporting him without curbing him.

How do our children communicate? Is there a universal language or are there different approaches? How can we help them in their discovery of the world?

Our project

Meetings, exchanges, experiences

Our project consists in travelling through different European countries for about 6 to 8 months (departure planned on June 2015). The purpose of our trip is to share the daily lives of children under 6 years old in various childcares and discover the way they communicate and live together.

To improve communication, we would be able to offer workshops linked with communication. Even if we are still working on it, we want to create activities based upon musicality, rhythm, gesture and language through sound and vocal games, body percussion and rhymes.

We will realize one or several documentaries during our trip in order to share our experience with the highest number.

The map

We are still in the process of creating our itinerary since we will go where our partners are. You can discover the map here.

Who are we ?

Pauline, 30, French, speech therapist.

I am very interested in the emergence of my young patients’ communication. More than just working on their oral skills, I also work on all the prerequisites that I consider essential: rhythm, musicality, sensorimotor experience, desire to communicate, etc. Communication as a whole is what appears important to me (body language, gestures, relationships with one another and so on). That’s what guides my work on a daily basis. Moreover, travelling abroad (au pair in Germany, language study holiday’s guide, period spent abroad) and my passion for music (piano and singing) have also taught me to communicate without words …

Matthieu, 30, French, engineer.

I have been passionate about travelling and cultural exchanges for a very long time. I was part of an animation project in an orphanage in Cambodia and directed an association with which we built an orphanage in Burkina Faso. I chose to share these experiences in films I’ve realized during these projects. My interest in music led me to play different instruments (cello, drums, guitar). This project would give me the opportunity to achieve several goals: mutual enrichment through cultural exchanges, discovering how these kids progress through music and share our discoveries with a film we would produce!

Martin, 21 months, explorer.

I am used to travelling (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). I like to set off on adventures! There is only my mom and dad’s sling that force me to take a break…

Who are our partners?

To find our future partners (day care or nursery schools, kindergartens, preschools … ), we use our personal contacts and we are accompanied by associations who have specials relationship with European cities. We are in contact, among others, with the International Romans Association and the international relations department of the municipality of Romans-sur-Isere, ACEPP (Parents Association of Children Group Professionals), and DECET (Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Training).

For now, St Elisabeth’s kindergarten in Aachen (Germany), Valasske klobouky’s school (Czech Républic), and Brasov’s day care network (Romania) have accepted to share this experience with us. We are also in touch with an association in Netherlands, Greece and Italy.

For more details, you can contact us !

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